The Marketing Advantage: Hapiness

The Hapiness Advantage is a book written by American author and researcher Shawn Achor.

Its importance lies in that more than a book on human development or one of personal improvement; Is on the contrary a work whose teachings can exceed the limits of the personal to begin to generate results in the professional.

Achor through his research discovered that the outside world and everything you omay16-31-82184107wn determines only 10% your happiness. While the remaining 90% depends on you. Happiness is in your hands, you only need to be determined and practice as you practice any other positive habit.

What the author defines as the advantage of happiness, consists of a constant positive mood that allows you to face problems as challenges and be focused on what happens in the here in the now. Our brain become more creative, resilient, productive and motivated because it has been enriched with the energy of Success Thoughts.

It is said that 75% of success at work is determined by your levels of optimism, the remaining 15% is related to your preparation and skills.

Achor explains that happiness leads to success because the brain works much better when it is positive; It is possible to see all the implications of a situation in a clear and generally objective way.

It has also been shown that happy employees have higher levels of productivity, less wear and creativity than the unhappy.

Likewise, he objects to the socially accepted idea that success brings happiness, and proposes a new thesis related to it, that happiness is what attracts success. shawn achor mp3 relates positive mood to being in connection and relationship with other people and with appreciation of such relationships.

Other advice is to give importance to meditation that helps us to clear the mind in the first instance, and to achieve a greater state of consciousness and self-knowledge.

How do you apply the happiness advantage in marketing in particular?

Of a time the tendency of the brands is to generate emotional campaigns and with the happiness like banner, the purpose, to sell making happy to the buyers.

They also seek to link the different emotions of the human being with the brand by establishing a special connection. Today with the rise of social media and social networks that connection with the client becomes much more intense creating deep relationships.

However, it would be a great fault to launch campaigns of marketing happiness without a real livelihood. That is, in order for a brand to make a customer or user happy, they must first be led by happy people and have happy collaborators in their corporate. It may sound like a utopia but it’s true.

A brand can communicate values ​​when it has values, it can not campaign on something that it internally lacks. Happy employees, a happy boss, a happy brand, can convey just that, happiness to customers and the chain extends.hapinessadvantage

I’m Launching a New Affiliate Program

Hey guys!

affiliateToday I’m really excited to announce that for the first time I’m going to be launching my own affiliate program, for the website-template and marketing side of my business.

While I work with affiliates through ThemeShift (and really this was one of the main reasons that I decided to stop offering custom theme options here on this website, I’ve never directly done any affiliate marketing myself, so I’m very excited to be diving in!

How It Will Work: Affiliate Marketing Details

I’ll be offering the program through Peerfly, which will help me to take care of all of the custom link tracking and technical nitty gritty. When I say “help me take care of” it, I really mean that they do all of that, so I just need to get people to sign up.

I’ll be offering a CPA lead for getting prospective phone calls, at $15 per lead. We’ll start there and see how it goes, but since I tend to close roughly 1 in 10 prospective customers I talk with, and my average clients are a few hundred dollars, I figure it makes good business sense, right?

The service I’ll be providing is what I call custom template-based design. That means that I’ll use one of my many pre-established themes and templates as a starting point, but then work individually with the client to find the right fit and tailor the template to fit exactly the kind of site look and feel they’re wanting.

How I’m Scaling Up: Logistical Details

As many of you know, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing this for quite some time. The final kick came when I read this affiliate marketing review, and decided I could definitely make this work if I focus more on leveraging out-sourcers for a few small parts of the task.

I found a great list of the best Fiverr alternatives, and have a clear process where I can do the design, without having to worry about the individual coding into HTML/CSS for every single client.

So, I’m super excited and ready to go!


A Budding Trend in Tinder Photography


Ohhh Tinder.

You do know what Tinder is, right?

I can’t say it’s the latest craze, because it has been around for a while now, but it’s the ultra-famous, dare I even say infamous hookup app that’s somehow become extremely legit.

Think Grinder but without the stereotypes.

Anyway, I’m not here to espouse the merits of the app. Instead I want to talk about a cool new trend that has resulted from it for me as a photographer and, honestly, it’s a direction I never thought my life would take!

Tinder Photography!

Yes, I’m proud to say I now offer Tinder-specific photography sessions. No, we don’t get hot and steamy, and it’s a perfectly legit thing to do.

You want to look your best online. If that’s for LinkedIn, you probably have a nice corporate headshot, and there are a million places you can go to get one if you don’t.

But where do you go for the “less professional” side of the social web-o-sphere.

Well, I did some research, and it turns out I’m not the only one who thinks this is a cool new niche. There was a great Time article on the topic not too far back, and the idea is simple: you want to look your best, but in a sexy way…and before you ask, no, it doesn’t mean pulling out the sexy underwear. At least, not necessarily.

My Tinder shoots are designed to be casual and fun. Instead of the suit and tie, wear what you would on a Friday night out. We’ll make you look relaxed and intriguing, so you get the right swipe!